Visit us

Visit us

We DON'T have a physical shop and therefore NO opening hours!

We only have a warehouse with an office, though visitors are very welcome on request.
You can pick up an order (to save shipping cost) or try out cubes and directly buy them (only cash payment possible). 

If you come to our office without asking us before, we are not responsible if you stand in front of a closed door!


Dürnten is far away? No problem!

We are regularly present with a selling booth at speedcubing competitions throughout Switzerland.

There you can always test and buy the latest cubes.

It is also possible to order online and pick up at a competiton. Since we can't bring our complete inventory, it is especialy advisable for more special or a bit older cubes to preorder them. It is also useful to do a preorder when you are interested in a popular cube. With this it will be reserved for you and you won't be disapointed when you come to the booth and your prefered cube is already sold out. 

The next competitions with Fabitasia selling booth are:

- Swisscubing Cup Final 2019 (07. + 08.12)