About us

About us

Fabitasia ist the biggest and most economic Swiss Online-Shop for Speedcubes.

It begin in the December of 2015 when Fabian Löhle made the first steps and started selling puzzles by himself. aufgebaut. In September 2018, Fabian Löhle and Tobias Peter officially founded the Fabitasia GmbH.

With multiple years of experience where the two owners together competed in over 150 Speedcubing-Competitions and broke over 120 Swiss National Records, you can get consulted the best way possible.

The goal of Fabitasia is to have a big, diverse and up-to-date range of products, good prices, fast delivery and offer first-class consulting.


Another part of the Fabitasia Gmbh is Fabitasia-Cards.

On Fabitasia-Cards.ch we sell TCGs like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic.

And here again, we value a big assortment, low prices and an uncomplicated, fast and competent consulting service.